7 Best Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls

Your daughter just turned eight, and you are conflicted on what gift to buy an eight-year-old girl. Well, you are in luck, there are quite a few to choose from. Different gifts that are all assured to make her birthday a memorable one. We have listed a few for you to make your pick, an ideal gift for your little princess. At this age, you would need to get her something that makes her look pretty and, at the same time, helps her develop, socially, academically d in other ramifications. 

Considerations choosing Gifts for Girls

Girls at this age are very picky and want their gifts and toys a certain way, a certain color, and texture. This, coupled with the other factors below, are the things that must be considered when you go gift shopping. 

Age: How old she is would determine to a large extent what you would give her. At her age, she looks to explore herself and the world. She wants to be out more and also develops her strengths and work on her weaknesses. So as her parent or guardian, you have to factor all these before getting her a gift.

Preferences: When children are much younger, parents usually buy them what they feel is best for them. But as time passes, they start knowing what they want for themselves. So anytime you are in the store, stop and ask these questions. Would she like this? Would she want this? Is this her favorite brand or color? And from the answers, you would know whether to continue with the purchase or not. 

Play Area: The amount of space she has available to play would determine the size of the item you can purchase. If she spends most of her days in her room with her siblings or friend, an indoor game will get the job done. But if you have a sizable backyard and she spends her time there, an outdoor gift is the way to go.

Budget: You can get your little princess a meaningful gift on any budget. Just make sure you shop at reputable stores, and you’d have more than enough options to choose from.

Top Toys & Gift Ideas for 8-Year-Olds Girls

The following are the best gifts for beautiful girls aged eight. Here they are:

1. Crayola Pink Tracing Pad

The light-up pad by Crayola is a productive way to engage your daughter. This gift allows them to create from their imaginations, build and develop their arts and crafts skills. The pad enables her to develop her cognitive abilities and have fun at the same time. The awesome gift features ten blank sheets, a dozen short pencils, and one graphite pencil.

2. Design Your Bottle Kit

Design Your Bottle Kit

It is important to stay hydrated, but you can hydrate and, at the same time, do it in style. This kit allows her to style and beautify her bottle; however way it pleases her. With everything she would need to make this possible already in the kit, all she needs is her imagination to go wild and create magic.

3. VTech Purple Smartwatch

This is the smartest of all kiddies smartwatches. The device has a motion sensor, five games, three child engaging activities, and three fun challenges installed. The watch has more than enough memory for her to capture pictures and record videos of her special moments. It has a touchscreen and is capable of voice recording with effects that can hilariously change her voice.

4. Adidas Adilette Flip Flops

This wonderful pair of flip flops are great for young kids. The waterproof nature gives it versatility, and the soles are designed to hold in the feet for balance comfortably. It comes in various colors, including black, pink, and blue. It is a must-have gift for 8-year-old kids. It is a practical gift for girls aged eight.

5. A Girl’s Coloring Book

Children need a constant dose of confidence to help them get through their day. At a young age, activities and books that boost confidence should be introduced to kids, so they grow to be solid well-grounded adults. I am confident, brave, and beautiful coloring book for girls aged eight, will bring out the confidence in your kid. 

6. Awesome Jokes That Every 8 Year Old Should Know

Awesome jokes for girls and kids

Comedy is an attribute that brings people together. Teaching your children at a young age the art of being funny is a skill. This book contains hundreds of jokes, tongue twisters, and other fun content that will keep your child and their friends engaged whenever they’re together. This is a great gift for eight year old boys and girls. 

7. Liberty’s Silver Plated Charm Bracelet

Your eight-year-old daughter will be delighted to get these gifts as charm bracelets are a favorite. It is a solid gift that will serve as a fashion accessory and a symbol of your love for your child. The silver-plated bracelet will make your child’s birthday one to remember. The bracelet comes with a pouch for safekeeping, and there are different available sizes.

6 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money at Home

The economy is getting tougher by the day and relying solely on your day job income to cover all your expenses may not be plausible. Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can make money on the side without stressing yourself.

Here are easy ways you can make extra cash from home:

Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate software will get your affiliate marketing campaign moving in the right direction. It presents a hassle-free channel into selling other people’s products online. All you need to do is generate an audience to whom you’ll sell the products you are marketing and you could be making fast cash from the comfort of your couch.

Some products have very good earnings per click and if you organize your campaign efficiently, you stand to earn big on conversions by channeling traffic to specific offers. Some top affiliate marketing sites you can join include CJ.com, ClickBank and Rakuten LinkShare.

Sell Photos Online

The internet is becoming increasingly visual and bloggers, website owners, and video makers keep searching for high-quality photos to use on the content they are offering. Luckily, you don’t need to be a photography pro to earn from your pictures.

A good digital camera or even a smartphone is enough to snap good enough photos to sell online. Many stock photo sites will pay you between 15 and 60% of the sale of your photo, giving you easy money.

how to make money from home

Join a Focus Group

Companies are spending a handsome amount of money on their product development programs. As a result, they can’t risk wasting the money invested by introducing a substandard product into the market.

So, to prevent this, they first obtain feedback on the products they intend to launch from focus groups before availing them to the general public. Focus groups come with the convenience of working from home, with a pay rate that can range anywhere between $50-$500 per session.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Another simple way to establish an extra revenue stream while at home is to complete other people’s tasks as a virtual assistant. This will especially be convenient if you are a highly organized individual who knows how to manage their time.

There are numerous services that site owners are desperately in need of, and this can include things like editing, transcribing, ghostwriting, etc. All these can be performed by a remote worker. Just search and bid on any existing job ads on sites like Upwork, Remote.co, and Indeed.com.

 Become a Pet Sitter

Who wouldn’t want to get paid to spend some quality time playing a cute little pooch? There are so many pet lovers who want their furry friends to be taken care of when they are not around the house.

This has made pet sitting a very lucrative endeavor, allowing you to earn as much as $1000 every month. The benefit of being a pet caregiver is that you have the flexibility of establishing your own schedule and set the rate you want to charge for services provided.

You can even choose the age and size of animals you’d want to take care of. A quick tip; sitters who take in pets overnight tend to earn double what sitters providing other services do!

Get Paid to take online surveys

This is another low-friction option that will see you earning extra money without breaking a sweat. There are many organizations that are looking for feedback from the public on various subjects through online surveys.

All you need to do is provide your opinion on a range of selected issues and get paid for it. These are usually free to join and include sites like American Consumer Opinion, Qmee, FocusLine.com, Consumer Views, etc.

SkyTech TK110HW Drone with Full Review

Aside from racing drones that are now becoming popular, another area of drones that are now gaining attention is the foldable drones, drone fans prefer it over the fix body drone or even from a small drone due to its portability and its futuristic look and design.

One of the best and newest cheap drones right now on the market is the Skytech TK110HW, but if you are looking for something more expensive take a look at quadcopters under $500 reviews.

Design and Flying Features

The SkyTech Tk110HW is one of the best-looking drone yet in the market, it is lightweight, great foldable design measuring only 36.20 x 36.20 x 8.50 cm, the drone weighs around .3900 kg only.

I love the foldable structure and its mechanism, it is easy to fold and unfold. Due to its folding arms, the drone is portable and can be carry anywhere with ease. It is also pretty easy to set-up and binds the drone to its controller. Just release a locking mechanism for the arms of the drone, by pressing the small button on the bottom. It has a built-in landing skid, which is easy to pop-out but difficult to clip it in to make it stand (but after several tries it clip with ease, I guess because it is still new).

Going back on how to fly the drone, as I have said, I did not encounter any issues at all binding the drone to the transmitter, it all just a walk in the park. When binding the drone to the transmitter, unlike another previous drone that we have tried, the TK110HW don’t need any extra or special steps to bind to the transmitter. Just turn on the drone by pressing several seconds, the LED on the power button lights up and blinks, automatically searching for the transmitter waiting for the successful pairing. When the transmitter is turned on, the drone successfully binds with the transmitter, the LED on the power button stops blinking and on a steady mode.

Because of the altitude hold mode, the drone is very easy to fly, the one key landing and take-off button also added ease in flying the drone especially for newbies, I tested it and it works perfectly. Crashes and bumps are part of flying the drone, it’s a good thing that SkyTech TK110HW comes with a built-in landing skid and a free propeller protector. There is also a waypoint mode, but I wasn’t able to try it out, not a fan of it I guess.

Remote Control

If you want to have the SkyTech TK110, I advise you to get the WIFI FPV version (SkyTech TK110HW), this version provides more fun when you are flying the drone, and it gives you a birds-eye view of the surroundings in real-time. This is possible by downloading the app that is available both iOS and Android platform.

The drone manual comes with the QR code. Anyways your smartphone serves as a viewfinder, plus you also have the option to use the smartphone to control the drone instead of a transmitter. Before I forget, the transmitter comes with a smartphone holder, that serves as a real-time viewfinder for the camera of your drone via WIFI. To connect to your smartphone, just enable WIFI search for the app connection on the WIFI settings and connect.

SkyTech TK110HW is equipped with smartphone/clip holder where you put your smartphone that serves as a viewfinder. So far the remote control of SkyTech is one of the most well-built remotes in its price range. The placement of major button controls is pretty accessible, with the power switch on the center, the LCD screen is one the bottom and with its trimming just below the two joysticks. The photo and video button only works when the phone is not on WIFI mode once you activate the WIFI camera and use your smartphone, please take note that the buttons on the remote control are disabled.

Video and Photos

For the photos, it is only 0.3 MP, so don’t expect too much on the quality, see photo sample below. If you got the WIFI version, all the controls for the photo and video are on the smartphone app, for the video its 720p which is ok, not that impressive it’s ok. If you have the non WIFI FPV version, please take note that the control for taking video or photos is on the remote control.


Frequency: 2.4GHz
Channels: 4
Radio control distance: 50m
WiFi control distance: 30m
Transmitter battery: 4 x 1.5V AA battery ( not included )
Motor: brushed
Aircraft battery: 3.7V 850mAh ( built-in )
Flight time: 6 – 7mins
Charge time: 110mins
Camera pixel: 0.3MP
App name: SkyTech Go
App download: QR code on the user manual
Additional gimbal installation: not feasible

Vacuum Cleaner for hardwood floors and mattress

The hardwood flooring in your house needs special care and cleaning. Same as the mattress so you need to take care of and clean your Mattress with a Vacuum Cleaner on a regular basis. Avoid dust mopping as it will only leave the dirt particles to settle again on your floor and may leave scratches, particularly if the hardwood floor has a gloss finish. You will find the floor go a little dull too with time.

Fortunately, there is a solution- Vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors. Neptune Canister Vacuum Cleaner is specially designed to clean hardwood floors. It is easier to use and works efficiently. Consumers find Neptune Vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors faster and healthier too to use on their wooden floors.

Features of Neptune Canister Vacuum Cleaner for hardwood floors

What is best about this vacuum cleaner is that it is lightweight and easy to use. The wheels are soft and thus you need not fear any scratches on your floor while you are using it.

  • · Weighs only 10 lbs
  • · 1200 Watt Miele Vortex motor
  • · electronic speed control
  • · Certified HEPA filter
  • · Large 3.5 qt. dustbag
  • · STB 205-3 Turbobrush

Working literally noiselessly, you enjoy cleaning your wooden floors with the Neptune Canister vacuum cleaner. Encased in a beautiful turquoise finish, the product is beautiful to look at and is also very durable. Compact and lightweight, the vacuum provides powerful suction and strong airflow. Boasting of the most popular features, you will find cleaning the wooden floor is like a breeze with Neptune. You can adjust the suction tube as per your height to avoid those straining backs. You can also use it to clean soft furnishings and upholstery with great efficiency while protecting the delicate materials.

Pros and Cons

Let’s talk about the good points first. It sure has powerful suction and is ideal for cleaning small rugs, delicate upholstery apart from the wooden floors. The lengthy and retractable power cord makes it much more convenient to use. Consumer fins it small, compact, light and easy to use. Relatively quiet when compared to other vacuum cleaners, it is easy to handle and works efficiently. With a beautiful finish, it is a joy to work with. The top-quality customer support form the company gives it full marks.

Now let’s see what else could be done to make this product score a perfect 10. As the S4 cannot accept powered tools, it is not the right choice in case you have carpeting from wall to wall. With such a wide range of products, it sometimes gets confusing for the buyer as to which vacuum will suit his needs the best.
Overall, the Neptune is an excellent choice for cleaning your hardwood floors.

How to Run 2 WhatsApp accounts on your Single Android Phone

WhatsApp is one of the very popular instant messaging apps which comprises, very innovative and simple user interface, so everyone love to use WhatsApp for their daily social needs. But nowadays check your oil in oil change Eugene many WhatsApp users want to run 2 WhatsApp accounts on a single device so that they can manage personal and work contacts separately. So here is The Trick to Run 2 WhatsApp account in a single phone.

METHOD 1: Using Built-in Multi-User in Android Lollipop devices

This method uses built-in Multi-User features and works with any android phone which is loaded with Lollipop OS, Cyanogen OS and also with devices which are powered by some custom ROMs.

STEP 1.   Go to your Lollipop/Cyanogen Phone settings, click Users and then create a user using Add User menu.
STEP 2.   Successful user creation, just fill out complete user details to complete setup a new user account.
STEP 3.Now access notification bar, switch to the new user by clicking on the New User icon.
STEP 4.This will create a new user profile, with factory default settings and apps.
STEP 5. Now go to play store app, download and install WhatsApp in new user mode.

STEP 6. After successful installation of WhatsApp, activate WhatsApp by filling personal details and OTP verification.

Yay! Now you can use successfully installed 2 WhatsApp account. You can use both WhatsApp account simultaneously on a single phone just by switching user accounts.

METHOD 2: Parallel Space-Multi Accounts App for 2 WhatsApp Accounts

A came across a new Interesting app Parallel Space-Multi Account while searching for an app in Playstore.   Parallel Space seems to be a unique app in the market which minimizes the hurdle of maintaining two different social accounts on single android phone/devices simultaneously.

1.   Just Go to Play store search for “Parallel Space-Multi Accounts”, and download and install  Parallel Space-Multi Accounts

2.   After successful installation. It will ask you to add an app which you will use for multiple accounts, just tap WhatsApp icon, it will be inserted to the account list.

3.   Just tap on added WhatsApp icon, this will lead to the screen of second WhatsApp registration and activation screen. So now you can complete registration.

4.   Done ! Now your second WhatsApp is ready for use.

Along with WhatsApp, you can have multiple accounts of GMAIL, Facebook, and also Gaming accounts using this tiny Parallel Space-Multi Account app.