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I work in central London as a principal consultant at web security specialist consultancy Watson Hall Ltd and as a permanently employed consultant at Blackfoot UK since 2011. My degree was in Chemical Engineering from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, but in 1994/95 I took a break from the engineering consultancy that I had been working for. I studied full time for Masters in Computation at Keble College, in the University of Oxford’s Computing Laboratory, before becoming more heavily involved with the web site and web application design and development.

My web development, design and project management skills developed through many websites and web application projects and I was keen to develop high standards and apply good practice to my company’s work. Secure coding became a particular interest and this leads me towards a career move in 2007 to focus exclusively on web security. My company’s projects are mainly located in central London, but with a base in Northumberland too, other parts of the UK are easily accessible.

London’s a great place to be due to the diverse mix of people and the wide range of projects available. It’s great to meet people who are enthusiastic about their work and who are doing some leading-edge work. It’s also a good location to meet other professionals at lunchtime and evening meetings of web, design and security organizations. You will find me regularly at OWASP London Local Chapter, ISSA UK, and ISACA London Chapter.

I seem to have had a career that gains academic and professional qualifications – therefore my full title is (so far!):


If you would like to connect with me on LinkedIn, just mention you read the blog. My profile there is:

“Clerkendweller” is the alias used by me on LinkedIn and Twitter. It is derived from the words “Clerkenwell” (an area in Islington, London adjacent to the City of London) and “dweller” – in other words, someone who lives in Clerkenwell, London, EC1. And, “colinwatson” was already taken by someone else on LinkedIn.