6 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money at Home

The economy is getting tougher by the day and relying solely on your day job income to cover all your expenses may not be plausible. Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can make money on the side without stressing yourself.

Here are easy ways you can make extra cash from home:

Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate software will get your affiliate marketing campaign moving in the right direction. It presents a hassle-free channel into selling other people’s products online. All you need to do is generate an audience to whom you’ll sell the products you are marketing and you could be making fast cash from the comfort of your couch.

Some products have very good earnings per click and if you organize your campaign efficiently, you stand to earn big on conversions by channeling traffic to specific offers. Some top affiliate marketing sites you can join include CJ.com, ClickBank and Rakuten LinkShare.

Sell Photos Online

The internet is becoming increasingly visual and bloggers, website owners, and video makers keep searching for high-quality photos to use on the content they are offering. Luckily, you don’t need to be a photography pro to earn from your pictures.

A good digital camera or even a smartphone is enough to snap good enough photos to sell online. Many stock photo sites will pay you between 15 and 60% of the sale of your photo, giving you easy money.

how to make money from home

Join a Focus Group

Companies are spending a handsome amount of money on their product development programs. As a result, they can’t risk wasting the money invested by introducing a substandard product into the market.

So, to prevent this, they first obtain feedback on the products they intend to launch from focus groups before availing them to the general public. Focus groups come with the convenience of working from home, with a pay rate that can range anywhere between $50-$500 per session.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Another simple way to establish an extra revenue stream while at home is to complete other people’s tasks as a virtual assistant. This will especially be convenient if you are a highly organized individual who knows how to manage their time.

There are numerous services that site owners are desperately in need of, and this can include things like editing, transcribing, ghostwriting, etc. All these can be performed by a remote worker. Just search and bid on any existing job ads on sites like Upwork, Remote.co, and Indeed.com.

 Become a Pet Sitter

Who wouldn’t want to get paid to spend some quality time playing a cute little pooch? There are so many pet lovers who want their furry friends to be taken care of when they are not around the house.

This has made pet sitting a very lucrative endeavor, allowing you to earn as much as $1000 every month. The benefit of being a pet caregiver is that you have the flexibility of establishing your own schedule and set the rate you want to charge for services provided.

You can even choose the age and size of animals you’d want to take care of. A quick tip; sitters who take in pets overnight tend to earn double what sitters providing other services do!

Get Paid to take online surveys

This is another low-friction option that will see you earning extra money without breaking a sweat. There are many organizations that are looking for feedback from the public on various subjects through online surveys.

All you need to do is provide your opinion on a range of selected issues and get paid for it. These are usually free to join and include sites like American Consumer Opinion, Qmee, FocusLine.com, Consumer Views, etc.